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It is important to be clear about the difference between a concern and a complaint. A ‘concern’ may be defined as ‘an expression of worry or doubt over an issue considered to be important for which reassurances are sought’.


Please approach us with any concerns at the earliest opportunity and we will take them seriously. In most cases concerns are successfully resolved informally, through discussions with the Headteacher or, if appropriate, and only with their agreement, the staff member. (This principle will apply throughout this procedure).


The initial contact with the school may be in person by telephone, email or in writing, to make appropriate arrangements. Complaints/ Concerns should be raised directly with the school rather than on social media sites as this allows for the concern/ complaint to be addressed.


Comments made on Social Media that are inflammatory, derogatory, offensive or make reference to a protected characteristic in such a way that contravenes the Equality Act 2010 could be prejudicial to the investigation of the compliant and will be dealt with by the school and/or the appropriate authorities. They may also be made by a third party acting on behalf on a complainant, as long as they have appropriate consent to do so.


We are committed to doing the best for the children in our care and are keen to resolve any problems in their best interests. The sharing of concerns at this stage will reduce the numbers that develop into formal complaints. We will listen carefully to your concerns and recognise how you feel. We will seek a solution with you, taking particular account of the way in which the issue has affected your child. It is anticipated that most concerns will be handled in this way without the need for formal procedures and that normally entering the Complaints Procedure should be the last resort.

Link to our Complaints Policy in full below

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