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Headteacher's Welcome

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I am Jason Cunningham and I have been the Headteacher at Egginton Primary School since January 2023.

My role is to promote a safe, stimulating and happy environment where our children are challenged, encouraged to pursue their dreams and understand that their potential is limitless – to embody our school motto of ‘To be all that I can be’.

I look forward to meeting you and working together to ensure that your child has the best possible start in their school life.

Jason Cunningham


Meet our Teachers

Kathy Belton

Reception, Year 1, Year 2, SENDCO

Jack Banister

Year 5, Year 6

Nicola Jones

Year 3, Year 4

Karen Hammond

Year 3, Year 4

Meet our Teaching Assistants

Kay Carr

Teaching Assistant

Kelly Wallace

Teaching Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor

Teresa Withington

Teaching Assistant

Meet the rest of our team

Lisa Pepper

School Business Manager

Melissa Dawes & Gary Glenny


Angela Tillen

Lunchtime Supervisor

Paul Douglas

Clerk to Governors


We are often asked questions about the school and what makes it unique, so in an interview with the Headteacher here is what he had to say....

What do you feel are the school’s strengths?

Our small school community is very strong. We have great links with the local Egginton community and we enjoy participating in local events such as the Egginton Village Fete and inviting local groups into school for singing performances from the children. Many of our children play musical instruments and we have a proud musical heritage. We take part in many school sporting events and have proudly fielded teams in football, cricket and dodgeball competitions. Our PTA is very active and has organised many fundraising events including the Summer/Christmas Fayres, Film Nights, and Discos. This strong sense of community contributes to a lovely atmosphere and supportive ethos that helps to make our pupils’ time at Egginton a happy and successful learning experience.

Do the children have a different teacher each year?

Another advantage of having mixed age classes, is that the relationships that are forged over time between the teacher and pupil and their parents and carers becomes very strong. In most schools, and in particular larger schools, a teacher will only be with the class for one year before they move up to the next class. However, at Egginton, a pupil will usually spend 2 years and sometimes 3 years with a teacher

How many children are in each class and how are they organised?

We only have 3 classes in the school and the small numbers of pupils in each class are well below the national average. Currently, they are in class sizes of under 20. This makes an enormous difference to the educational experience of a child. With such small class numbers, it makes it easier for a teacher to spend time with their individual pupils and really get to know them to support with their next steps in learning and personal wellbeing

What else is on offer at Egginton in terms of curricular opportunities?

We pride ourselves on having a very broad and balanced curriculum throughout each year group at Egginton. We have never narrowed the curriculum for Year 6 in preparation for the Key Stage 2 SATS and we are also very careful not to put added pressure on the pupils to attain a certain mark. We want the children to do the very best and fulfil their potential in all aspects of their education

Are there any Teaching Assistants in school?

Yes, as well as having a stable team of highly experienced and talented teachers, we also have a fantastic level of teaching assistant support throughout the school at the moment. Our teaching assistants work alongside our class teachers to support the learning of specific groups of pupils to enable them to progress further in their next learning challenges. So, with small class sizes and a high level of teacher and teaching assistant support in the school, our children really do get a lot of help with their learning to enable them to make progress

What do you think are the main benefits of sending my child to Egginton?

At Egginton we really pride ourselves in the happy, caring, friendly ethos that we have created that enables learning to thrive. Our relationships throughout the school are really strong – relationships between pupils, between staff, between staff and pupils and between staff and parents and carers. Our small numbers of pupils allow us to create a nurturing environment where we really get to know each of our pupils as individuals and support them effectively in all aspects of their learning and wellbeing

Do many pupils join the school in year groups later on in school? And how do these children settle in?

Yes, we have had many children join the school in later school years instead of starting in Reception. A real strength of the school is the way that the nurturing environment and ethos enables new pupils to settle into the class seamlessly. The children at Egginton are very kind and welcoming and it is pleasing to report that the feedback we have received from parents with children that have joined the school has been overwhelmingly positive

How do you manage having different year groups in each class?

We are fortunate enough to have a team of very talented and enthusiastic teachers that are able to differentiate learning tasks, explanations and questions to suit the learning needs of each pupil in relation to their year group objectives. Within our teaching team there is now a wealth of experience to draw upon when it comes to teaching and supporting learning in a mixed age class and we work well as a staff team to support one another with ideas and strategies. We are very conscious of the more academically able and we will make every effort to stretch and challenge them in their learning

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