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We are always keen to know what you think about us!

If you would like to submit a short testimonial about your experience with our school, then please do email us with your thoughts and let us know if you are happy to share them on our web site.

I will never forget visiting Egginton Primary School for the first time. The atmosphere was relaxed and the children happy and enjoying their learning. After we left, I had no hesitation in saying to my wife, ‘Our child is going to that school’.

Our daughter has been very happy throughout her 4 years at the school. The school, because of its size and setting, is like a family. The assemblies are intimate and there is lots of humour.

All the staff are helpful and any concerns you have are thoroughly investigated and resolved.

I enjoy doing the homework with my daughter - it is creative and interesting for her and the feedback is excellent.

I am so happy my daughter loves going to her school. I said to her recently, ‘Who are your friends at school?’ She replied ‘All the children are my friends’.

I'm very happy with how my child has settled in and is very eager to come to school in the mornings.

Fantastically run school. Always striving to develop and improve. Doing so well for a small community school.

I cannot recommend Egginton Primary School enough. The staff are amazing and have helped my little boy to love school again. Class sizes are small and they really focus on the children as individuals – it is honestly the best decision I ever made moving him there.

My son has been doing amazing!! The support he had in Y4 when he started was such a great step up and confidence boost for him. Y5 had some issues with others but sorted out quickly and well and now in Y6, he's very ready for John Port with the amazing support from his teachers and school staff. Thank you.

My child is in Year 3 at Egginton Primary School and she loves going to school. The teachers are lovely and encourage the children to be the best they can be. Because it is small school, there is a sense of community and it feels like a big family, which is nice. I find the headteacher and the teachers very approachable and easy to talk to and because of this, there is good communication between parents and teachers. We are happy that our child goes to Egginton School.

Our son absolutely loves coming to school each day and has a good rapport with all staff. Since joining Egginton school, it has been wonderful to see his confidence grow with each passing year.

The school has been fantastic with my son since the day he started. In Y2 now and he's smashing it with the best support from all staff! Thank you.

Good individual support, good communication with teachers.

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