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Our most recent inspection was in May 2023 and we are delighted to maintain overall judgement of ‘Good’. 


There is evidence from some elements of the inspection which does require action and therefore, the school will receive a section 5 full inspection within one to two years.

We delighted that the hard work undertaken by the Egginton staff has been recognised, including the comments regarding our work on well-being, high standards and expectations of behaviour, the effective systems in place, the provision for pupils with SEND and the use of assessment to identify what pupils have learned in English and Maths.


The report itself is detailed and highlights the many elements of effective provision at Egginton Primary as well as the actions needed to take the school forward. What is satisfying is that the next steps identified were already within our School Improvement Plan prior to this inspection and the associated adaptations are already being implemented.

You can view full details of the inspector's report, and previous inspections using the link below.


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